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Nan Goldin Illuminates the Short-Lived Magic of Childhood

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내가 많이 좋아 this shirt🌀🌀🌀🌀ahhhh does that make sense idk i think so

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oh, and did I mention that matt spontaneously sucked my cheek into his mouth and have me a hickey?


Sasha Cresdee, July 2014

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Assorted work by Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb)

  • Opus 2 (Arrangement In Skintones), digital chromogenic print, 2012
  • Castrophia, paint on laser print, 2012
  • The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes, paint on found ceramic bust, 2014
  • Garage Sale Painting Of Peasants With Color Bars, paint on found painting and frame, 2011
  • Portrait Of A Woman With Deletions, paint on found print, 2010
  • Nocturne 109, digital chromogenic print, 2011
  • Thrift Store Landscape With A Color Test, paint on found canvas and frame, 2009
  • A Grecian Bust With Color Tests, paint on found stone sculpture, 2013
  • Brutalized Gainsborough 2, paint on laser print, 2009
  • Hymn 32, digital chromogenic print, 2013

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do i take my lava lamp to uni? do i take my apple lamp to uni?? to i take my normal lamp to uni??? DO I TAKE MYSELF TO UNI?????

god i jsut wanna choose modules and make decisions or at least look at options but now all i can do is wait until there’s something or me to do!!! ahhh!!!


Title TBD by Nan Goldin
Details from Scopophila, a single channel high-definition video projection

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